Parish Mission: Celebrating Our Strength - The Year of Prayer and Service

We take the safety of our children and vulnerable adutls seriously.  Find out more about what our diocese is doing and for newsletters with important information to safeguard those in your care go to

On September 12, 2019, in response to lawsuits filed under the Child Victims Act, our diocese filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Please click here for our letter from Bishop Matano on this and other information explaining what this means.

It is that time of year when we begin our annual diocesan appeal, the Catholic Ministries Appeal. The video of this year's appeal is now available at
This video opens with reference to what is going on regarding the abuse scandal. Please note that CMA money is not used to pay lawsuits.

See recent pictures from parish events such as our annual picnic and Queen's Tea

Each year our parish selects a theme as our "parish mission" for the year.  This year the theme is a "Year of Prayer and Service."  We strive for these all the time but we give them a special focus this year.

The Monk’s Vision

An old monk prayed many years for a vision from God to strengthen his faith, but it never came.  He had almost given up hope when, one day, a vision appeared.  The old monk was overjoyed.  But then, right in the middle of the vision, the monastery bell rang.  The ringing of the bell meant that it was time to feed the poor who gathered daily at the monastery gate.  And, it was the old monk’s turn to feed them.  If he failed to show up with food, the poor people would leave quietly, thinking that the monastery had nothing to give them that day.

The old monk was torn between his earthly duty and his heavenly vision.  However, before the bell stopped tolling the monk made his decision.  With a heavy heart, he turned his back on the vision, and went off to feed the poor.

Nearly an hour later, the old monk returned to his room.  When he opened the door, he could hardly believe his eyes.  There in the room was the vision, waiting for him.  As the monk dropped to his knees in thanksgiving, the vision said to him, “My son, had you not gone off to feed the poor, I would not have stayed.” (by Lawrence Le Shan, More Sowers Seeds, Second Planting, B. Cavanaugh, T.O.R., p. 56)

The best way to serve God is to reach out in service to our brothers and sisters, especially those less gifted than ourselves.  This is what we do at St. Luke’s.  This is what your generous and kind support have permitted every year.  May we do it even better in 2018.  This is our vision.

Read more on the Year of Service


Our parish mission theme last year was "Re-evangelizaton."



What your pastor won’t tell you about parish giving

 The average share of our income that we U.S. Catholics give to our Church (including not just weekly parish giving, but special collections and other Church-related charities) is a mere 1% – the same as it’s been as long as anyone’s been counting. That’s the lowest percentage of giving of any major religious denomination in the United States. The truth is that fewer than 1 in 3 Americans who identify themselves as Catholic attend Mass on a “regular” basis (defined as at least once a month). And of those regular attendees, only 30% give to the support of their parish. Of those, many are likely to toss the same 2 or 3 crumpled dollar bills into the collection basket as their parents did before them. And this in a time when just keeping the lights on, the boiler heated up, the organ in tune, and the parking lot free of potholes costs more than ever. Read more


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