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The Eucharist is a sacred feast where the Risen Christ is received, the memory of his passion is celebrated, the soul is filled with grace, and we are given the pledge of eternal life.

 As we receive communion on this, the Feast of the Body and Blood, may we remember to give thanks to our Lord Jesus for nourishing and sustaining us with his very presence and life. May we always hunger for him and be satisfied in Him alone.

Deacon George


June 22, 2017

Catholics can’t put their faith on a part-time schedule or rely on it just for the moments they choose; being Christian is a full-time occupation. If people don’t open their hearts to the Holy Spirit to let God purify and enlighten them, then “our being Christian will be superficial.  Knowing and doing what God wants is not possible with mere human effort, it takes the transformative action of the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit, God’s word and law are inscribed in our heart and become the principle in us for evaluating our choices and guide for our daily actions, becoming a principle of life.  If people open themselves up to the Holy Spirit, he is the one who transforms that heart and makes it new, “giving us the intelligence of the things of God. This intelligence “can’t be reached with our own efforts,” he said. “If God doesn’t enlighten us within, our being Christian will be superficial.

Let’s ask ourselves what steps we are taking so that the faith guides our existence because there are no part-time Christians, at certain moments, in certain circumstances, in certain choices. You can’t be a Christian that way. You are Christians at all times, completely.



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