To our lovely Parishioners and visitors we say Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy, blessed New Year to come! As we gather to celebrate Christmas, we look back on the events of this year, the many people who have touched us and those we have touched. We recall how much God has blessed us this year. These thoughts dispose us to celebrate Christmas surrounded byour loved ones, even as we remember those we lost, knowing that they are celebrating the glorious Christmas in heaven. Let us celebrate the gift of one another. Whatever is holy, whatever is true, whatever is loving, dwell on these things, setting your minds on what is uplifting and not what puts down. In our Parish Community we are thankful for those added to our family, children who have been born, adults who have joined, and those we pray will return to us. We celebrate the love that volunteers and Parishioners have exhibited. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to grow our Parish as we continue to strive to make it a place for everyone. It's getting warmer here despite the cold! We look forward to good things ahead and a promising New Year. The Pope has pronounced this the Year of Grace, and we ask all of you to join as we pray for the consecration of the New Year. We pray that all of us will have the grace to live happily, lovingly and peacefully in the coming year. Once again, Merry Christmas!

Fr. Bernard Dan

Parochial Administrator


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